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From Yuma Arizona To Wall Street

Standing on the stage of the New York Stock Exchange, Barry Todd, CEO of Invicta Financial Group from Yuma, AZ, displayed a quiet confidence and excitement at the same time. Though not the day's bell ringer, his presence was a powerful statement on Invicta's success and ambitions. As the bell sounded, reverberating through global markets, it also marked a personal milestone in Barry's journey from Yuma to Wall Street.

Operation Give Back

Operation Give Back

In 2022 the BDT & Associates, Inc. Board, parent company of Invicta Financial Group, voted to launch it’s charitable initiative called Operation Give Back. The mission of Operation Give Back is to provide a donation of a portion of the company’s profits to non-profit charities or organizations in our local communities that improve the lives of the people that live there. 

To qualify as a nominee the non-profit charity or organization must have these three important qualifications:

  1. Recognized as a 501c(3) non-profit organization
  2. Help people or the community
  3. Have low administrative costs

We received many nominations during this process and the Board voted in May of 2022 to choose the Yuma Community Food Bank as the first organization recognized in Operation Give Back. In December 2022 the BDT & Associates, Inc. Board Members delivered a donation check in the amount of $2,400.

But we didn’t want to stop there!

In spring 2023, we also conducted a Food Drive across it’s San Diego, Yuma and San Antonio offices that generated approximately 200 pounds of food donations. In April 2023, 14 team members delivered the drive donations and also volunteered in preparing 1,740 bags of food that would be given to local families in the community.

We look forward to selecting the Operation Give Back recipient for 2023, and look forward to many more years of positively impacting the communities around us!